Soo, I’ve been torturing my colleagues at work with a game I’ve imaginatively christened ‘The Shape Game’.

The idea is, you draw a series of abstract but interesting shapes on a sheet of A4. Don’t get distracted by trying to depict something, just enjoy making them. It’s a great chance to explore your brush, marker or digital equivalents.

You then leave it a day or two or a second or two if you are feeling some creative urgency, and then draw over them with a fine line to define the shapes into, well, whatever they look like to you.  It’s fun to explore and let your imagination go without an intimidating blank canvas.

Having basic shapes predefined…

  • Really helps your doodles have interesting and compelling silhouettes.
  • Forces you out of your creative comfort zone to make more interesting designs.
  • It also makes you draw things you wouldn’t typically draw – while sitting safely on the soft sofa of your comfort zone!

With traditional media, I’d use pencils at this stage, then do another pass with a pen. In some cases I’ve done a third pass with more marker.

The Children of the Shape Game

These three characters all came to life from the Shape Game. I took each one, redrew them then modelled them in Blender.

Get in Touch

Please get in touch, using the form below, if you would like to play the Shape Game. Give my colleagues at work a break!


    Blank, abstract shapes
    Step 1: Draw a series of blank, abstract shapes.


    Step 2: Draw over the shapes with a thin line.